Saturday, April 23, 2011

PUA Text Messages: Texts You Should and Should Not Send

PUA text messages can either build attraction for you or destroy attraction for you depending on which texts you choose to send. What follows is a collection of PUA text messages that will work and PUA text messages and Flirting SMS that will not work with explanations of why.

PUA Text Messages That Do Work

Woah, you'll never guess what just happened

When you send her this text, not only do you start off the text conversation strong, but you also instantly get her curious by making her want to know more.

Pssst, I'm wondering if you can keep a secret...

Not many other PUA text messages are better bait for a "yes" response. And then after she texts you back with "yes," you can tell her, “Ok so here's what's going on…I met this girl named (her name) who's really cool. But she's also a bit freaky and I think she only thinks of me as if I'm a piece of meat.”

Hurry! Hurry! Liquor or beer? Liquor or beer???

When you send her this text, she could be wondering “Umm...what?” But don’t panic, in the end, she'll start playing along and she'll answer your question. Once she gives you an answer, follow up with a second question like “Dark beer or light beer?” After she replies back to the secondtext, just stop the conversation short by saying “Thanks!” and don’t send her any more texts. In this way, you're being really original which is a lot more effective than texting her something that all of those other guys text her.

My favorite quality about you is

Don’t complete your text message purposely. Anytime you start a text without finishing it, you gain control of the conversation since she will be the one anticipating whatever you say next . It is even more effective if the same thing is done using stories. When she’s begging you to tell her the story's ending, suggest that she get you a drink sometime by saying “Alright I’ll tell you what happens next but you need to buy me a cup of coffee this Thursday night.”

Jeez...I had no idea you were this boring. I thought you were gonna entertain me more.

You can occasionally send a PUA text message that disqualifies her or even makes fun of her a bit because now she must fulfill your expectations and now she must try to win you over. Attraction requires much less work when the power is in your favor and not hers.

PUA Text Messages That Don't Work

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Unless you’re going to make a joke out of it, a cheesy pick up line won't work as a text message. Always remember: do not send any cheesy pick up lines as texts.

Do you have time this week to go out on a date with me?

Do not make the mistake of asking a girl out via a text message for 2 good reasons: 1) you give up your position of power whenever she doesn’t answer your text and 2) you add an unnecessary level of seriousness to the situation that she's probably not really ready for.


One word text messages are useless. It's always better when you don’t reply at all since she’ll be the one looking at her phone every 5 minutes to see if you texted back.

Why won't you text back?

Demanding her to text you back is a sign of hopelessness and neediness, and if you ask her to text you back, it gives her more reason not to. Don't make her feel like your whole day is made up of waiting for her to respond to your text message. Give her the impression that you have other positive things to do with your life.

Hi, I’m using up 160 characters for this text message while you’re only using up 20 characters.

Obviously that is not a text message you would send (I hope), but what I'm suggesting is that you should mirror her text messages and avoid writing never ending texts. If you see her using 20 characters, then you use 20 characters. And keep the long messages handy for when you're either talking to her on the phone or talking to her in person.

Hopefully, you can tell the difference with these PUA text messages between what you should and should not send. It’s also important that you use these PUA text messages and Flirting SMS  for what they are: good examples. Good examples that you could personalize to come up with your own set of texts that work well for you.

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